Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge - I

Oh, My Ice Cream Obsession!
A to Z Challenge – I
I is of course for Ice Cream!
I really did not know how much I loved Ice Cream (notice capital letters – it is that wonderful!) until I got pregnant with Frosting. –If you are wondering who Frosting is, you are going to have to go back at this post! – I mean, I always knew Ice Cream was good, I would eat it with my Grandparents when we visited – I remember Neapolitan the most, it goes great with birthday cake…and then fast forward to my pregnancy.
I was already overweight, but I fell in love all over again with Ice Cream in my first trimester. Really, really loved Haagan Das Dulce de Leche, Moose Tracks, and anything creamy with chocolate or peanut butter (and honestly if it didn’t have peanut butter in it I would add it on the top – but alas, that is another obsession for another post!) Fast forward to high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and BED REST, not all because of Ice Cream – I was already overweight and under a lot of stress, and totally in love with Ice Cream and other things we won’t mention right now, but I am quite sure that it did not help any.
These days, 80 pounds lighter, I have a healthier approach to Ice Cream – for the most part. I will admit that I have a true weak spot…Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bars! Notice, I said Ice Cream Bar – not the Ice Cream. Oh My Heavens – that thing, that magnificent piece of Ice Cream confectionery magic, that ice cold, creamy crunchy bit of magical Ice Cream Heaven – I almost wish I had never laid eyes on it, let alone touched my tongue to it. At the end of nearly every shift I would treat myself to this masterpiece of Ice Creamness….but, then the terrible, terrible thing happened!! The Good Humor Man, yes…you read that right…The Good Humor Man, that until that moment I would have called a dear and true friend because he brought my beloved Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bars to our cooler at work, told me that our store would no longer carry that bar!!!
It was being replaced by another product!
Any other sane, normal, non-obsessed person would shrug and say, “Oh Well.” But, not your Vanilla Mama….
There were NINE left in the freezer and guess how many I bought….NINE!!
Not my proudest moment. Really, really not my proudest moment. ***Shrug*** They will a laugh about that for a very long time!
What was I supposed to do? I bought them and put them in the break room freezer and enjoyed them over the next few weeks – and now – now, they are GONE!
I have eaten the last one, and I do not know where I can find them again. I have tried replacing this obsession with a different Ice Cream bar that we have – but I just cannot work it up. It is NOT the Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bar…and before you even ask…YES, I have tried the Ice Cream you can get at the grocery store and even the Ben and Jerry’s store that is up the road and it IS NOT THE SAME!!! SO, SO NOT!!
I is for Ice Cream and I guess for now I am going Ice Cream-less! Until I find the next thing I just LOVE – I refuse to spend unnecessary calories on something I don’t absolutely LOVE!
(in a hushed whisper – “if you happen to know anywhere in the DFW area that sells Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Bars – feel free to e-mail, leave a comment, or IM me! I am not THAT proud! – haha-“)
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama


  1. I would like to get to know you too. We may be generations apart. I mean I am sixty. Friendhip across generations is actually nice. I learned a lot from people younger than me.
    Yes, weight is also number one concern of mine. Working a desk job for over seventeen years and eating kids left overs had put a lot of pounds on me. Then working as a vendor audit helped me loose a lot of weight and get back in shape. I had to walk up to five miles a day.
    Ice cream in India would be an occasional treat, but here in the US we can buy any thing in the supermarket and those of us who do not have to worry about money overlook important things like health. After my husband's open heart surgery we are all trying to eat healthy. Weight watchers strawberry Sunday bars taste good, have nothing dangerous for you and are only a hundred calories. That does not mean we can eat a whole lot of them.

  2. Maybe that was a sign from somewhere that you really should give up ice-cream;-)

  3. I found you on A-Z but I'm sticking around to follow ;).
    And great post btw.

  4. @jabblog - Pretty much. Had an ice cream bar tonight - Reeses - it was good, but I only got it because someone else bought it. I pretty much have given it up for now :)
    @Beth - thanks on both counts. I will be checking you out!

  5. "your love is better than icecream, better than anything i've ever tried.." sorry this post reminded me of those lyrics from sarah mclachlan :)

    THANK YOU for your pretty pic at the Vatican! i so want your job ;)

    xoxoxoxo micaela


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