Saturday, April 30, 2011

A to Z Challenge - Z

A to Z Challenge – Z
Z is for Zoo.
I know that Zoo is a rather obvious choice for this, but I really love the Zoo! In fact for Mother’s Day next Sunday, I really want to go to the Zoo. We live in an area that has two Zoos within reasonable distance, for the past two years we have been members at the closer Zoo…this year I think that we will be members to the other Zoo. (Okay, I know rather vague here…Closer Zoo is the Dallas Zoo, the further Zoo is the Fort Worth Zoo.)
There is quite a bit of debate about which Zoo is better…the consensus is the Fort Worth Zoo, it is a little bigger and the exhibits are more updated. The Dallas Zoo really stepped up their game this past year with a new Giants of the Savannah area. Gotta tell you, VERY, VERY nice and well done. Feeding the giraffes was awesome, watching the elephants chase the geese was hilarious and the Gorilla exhibit was amazing. We are still having the debate about which Zoo to be members of, or if we should do it at all this year. Money is always an issue and this year with a graduation and me working 2 jobs, I am not sure when we would ever make it. Mother’s Day maybe the deciding factor.
The best part of going to the Zoo, any Zoo is enjoying being with my family without a lot of electronic disturbance. Getting to watch the animals and my kiddos, taking photos in picturesque places, finding a cool new hat to wear, because no trip is complete without a trip to the souvenir shack, and feeding the birds in the bird house – I actually had one try to come home with me in my purse –

Our last trip to the Zoo involved two of my favorite cousins, their husbands, all of our kiddos and my favorite Aunt R! It was an awesome trip – I hope that we get to do it again. Perhaps one of the best arguments for getting a Zoo membership, because I got ALL 8 kiddos in for free!! Also got to ride the carousal SO many times we lost count and everyone got a trip on the monorail. We made up for it in food and souvenirs  purchased, to be sure! Another perk to a Zoo membership is if in the wild-blue chance we get to travel any this year (wistful sigh!), there are a lot of Zoos that have reciprocal memberships. Example, last year my husband had to go out of town for his job and Frosting and I got to tag along, one of our days there was a visit to the Zoo in the town – what a blast, got a hat and everything!
The worst part about going to the Zoo is that in this area of the country, most of the year it is TOO HOT to walk outside and enjoy being around the animals. Why? Because both animals and humans tend to be a little (more than!) stinky in 110 degree heat while baking out in the sun – EWWW!
I had quite a bit of debate for my letter Z – this being my last post in the A to Z challenge – Zip, Zap, Zoom was a forerunner as was Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz (Another Dr. Suess reference, love the A, B, C Book!). I finally settled on Zoo because it was in my head for next weekend.
This challenge has been a lot of fun and has really made the creative juices flow. It has gotten me into the habit of sitting down at my computer and spending some time just working on me. I have some catching up to do reading everyone and sorry to say it will be Monday before I can get caught up, but I am looking forward to seeing everybody’s Z posts.  I’ll also be pulling a Fortune Cookie out of my collection – I can’t promise one everyday, but I promise to be more regular in my posting and for that alone I am grateful for this challenge!
Probably the most incredible part of this 26 day challenge is how many people I have gotten to know virtually and I am looking forward to following their blogs and I am certainly looking forward to the next challenge!
Live, Laugh, Love –
Vanilla Mama
LATE BREAKING NEWS – A lovely lady has added me to her “Selections for Best of the A-Z Challenge” and she selected my “M” post for “Making it Up!”


  1. Vanilla Mama

    Another Surprise For You.

    Check out my blog post.

    InspiredbyLisa – You Are A Winner

  2. we made it through the challenge! :D

    it has been almost a year since my family and i visited a zoo...i think it's about time we schedule a visit! :)

    thanks so much for taking the time to visit my a-z posts and leaving comments. i really do appreciate it! <3

  3. Nice post for z. Zoos are great places, when I was younger my family used to have a membership to the Buffalo zoo. I remember when they had the bat exhibit. It was cool to see the bats and I also bought a bat necklace at the souvenir stand.

  4. That bird really likes the purse ! Wow, what a pretty colour too !
    I did not know that there is a Zoo in Dallas. Next time I visit my brother I will ask him, if we can go there. My husband loves a zoo.
    Congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge. Great Blogs:)

  5. I would like to give you the KREATIV BLOG AWARD. If you want to accept it please go and copy and paste it on your blog. Once I find five people who have accepted it I will put thier blog names on my list of people who I have passed up the awards to. Also you have to write five facts about yourself. I still have to do mine. I am toot too busy.

  6. Munir - Thanks so much! I am honored - will post this tomorrow with my 5 facts (or fictions!). You have been a true pleasure!

  7. Congratulations on finishing the challenge - I really enjoyed it and I am so grateful to come across blogs like yours. Ill spend some time this afternoon, looking through all your old posts.


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