Saturday, April 16, 2011

A to Z Challenge - M

A to Z Challenge – M
M is for Making it Up!
Making it up as I go – I used to have a plan, but I quickly learned that whatever plans that I make, they usually go awry. Especially if I am very specific with God about what my plan does not include…example, “I am never going to get remarried!” – God said, “Really now? How about this wonderful man?”….example, “I am not going to have any more children.” – God said, “BTW, did I mention natural family planning means that you are open to life? Congratulations, you’re pregnant!”
Do I regret either one of these things? Absolutely not! God had his plan for me, and I was just ‘Making it up’ as I went, flying by the seat of my pants. God still has a plan for me and I will keep making it up as I go – because in all honesty, God has my back no matter what. If he brings me to it, he will bring me through it.
I was talking to a friend at work not long ago, he did not realize that I had been married before and remarried (fact #1 – for anyone that is counting). I don’t bring it up much in general conversation, it doesn’t define who I am…again, wasn’t part of my plan, but I made it up as I went. Life can throw you a lot of curve balls – are you ready? Can you make it up as you go?
Here is a little curve ball…do you make it up as you go so much, that you don’t remember who you are? Women in general are used to covering up, making up to hide things…we all do it. We make it up, we make up who we are…but at what point do we never take the makeup off?
I have seen shows about women who at night do not take their makeup off, they sleep in it, in the morning they jump out of bed and shower so quickly that their partner never sees them without their makeup on. What are they hiding? How self conscious are they? How self conscious am I, are you? Does anyone see you or I without the makeup on? 
How many people can I honestly say know me without my makeup on? Not many, less than you could count on one hand – Everyone, you, me, the neighbor across the street – have places that they are making up as they go and are making up to hide the others.
Personally there are sides of me that I do not share with everyone, I can’t. In some cases it is not appropriate and not comfortable, in others I am willing to open that part of my heart up to them. Personally everyday there is an element of my life that no matter what my plan for that day is, I will have to wing it – Make it up – very seldom does everything go to the little check-list that I have in my head.
Now for another M word…hmmm, can’t think of one for this. I was awarded the Stylish Blog award, and wow, how cool! So, MMMMMMTHANKS! –hehe- In honor of the letter “M” and to fulfill the requirements of the award, here are seven facts about Vanilla Mama that you will have to figure out….which are Made up and which are true…#1 is a gimme!
2 – I live with a host of dust bunnies that continually multiply.
3 – I love to feed horses apples, carrots and any kind of produce that in my healthy dreams I am actually preparing and eating, but in reality start to rot in the crisper section of my fridge.
4 – I can leap tall buildings, read minds and tell your future!
5 – was a manicurist and daycare provider at some point I my life, at the same time!
6 – I love, love, love the scent of Vanilla…in fact so much that my loved ones know I am around simply by the aroma, and they know I will haunt them through it from the grave!
7 – I read, read, read and listen, listen, listen to books.
Now….which one am I making up?
Live, Laugh, Love~
Vanilla Mama
PS - Watch out, I have a few badges to hand out as well!


  1. Awesome post. Sorry I haven't stopped by sooner.

    Look forward to following and reading more.


  2. Thank you so much! What an honor and a pleasure - this has been so much fun and a great way to start of my blogging! Looking forward reading more of yours as well!


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