Sunday, April 24, 2011

A to Z Challenge - T

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A to Z Challenge – T
T is for Two friends, again one is a last name K**** T******* and the other is T**** S****. I will start with the newest of these two buddies.
My newest T buddy is a co-worker with my full-time job…she is smart, beautiful and has a wicked sense of humor. Have a question about a car, a collectible, business function and this woman has it. I know that she has been through a lot in her life, she has a tough as nails core but is very vulnerable and if she lets down her guard and lets you in, you better not screw around. I think that when things are rough at work we get each other through it knowing that we have each other’s back. I look forward to getting to know her better and know that our friendship will continue even if we both change jobs.
The friend in my life that I have known the longest is literally the woman that I will grow old with. We met over a decade ago when our boys were playing basketball together, we had an instant connection – In fact when I think that I have known her for a decade it blows me away, I cannot imagine a time in my life that she was not there and I don’t want to imagine a time in my life without her. Beautiful, funny, smart, a heart as big as the state we live in, sexy as hell and just flat out amazing – that’s my sister, my soul sister. The Lord did not bless me with a sister-sister, but he knew that I would need a soul partner and he gave me T****. My wonderful hubby knows that she is a life link for me and that makes me love wonderful hubby even more! I have learned parenting from her, relationships from her, life lessons from her – and she has learned from me (or so she says!).  One day we will be sitting on a porch rocking watching our great-grandchildren together!
I am going to tell ya’ll flat out, I am really a pretty private person, I know, I know – you have a blog and you are a private person….WHAT?! How does that work? I am figuring that out as I go!  There are a handful of people on this planet who really know and GET me….I can probably count them on less than two hands. I am feeling guilty that I didn’t cover everyone with the letters – one of them I TOTALLY passed all her name letters by the time I thought to do this – CABA are all her name letters…I gotta figure something out, because again another lady that I have a connection with. I did not include my Favorite Aunt L****, my Mom, My Favorite Aunt S****….but again, these woman are so much a part of my life and my heart that I do not want to think about a moment without them there. I hope that they really understand how much I love them!
I don’t often give assignments, okay, really this is my first one ever – your assignment today…let your friends know how much they mean to you! Drop them a quick e-mail, give them a call, heck even a text message will get your point across! God put these people in your life for a reason, you need them and they need you- whether they are blood relations or soul sisters (brothers), let them know TODAY that they have a piece of your heart.
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama


  1. I have two friends that are always in my heart. We may not speak for weeks but never have trouble picking up where we left off.
    It is nice to meet you...

  2. I am lucky to have several really good friends, and I like to think that I let them know often how much they mean to me!

  3. Friends are great. You are absolutley right about keeping in touch with them.
    One of my friends from fifteen years ago told me that I should write about experiences of my life. This friend is like my son. We have gotten out of touch. I don't know his where abouts, since his father had thrown him out of his house. I know by now he must have graduated. I can only pray for him to be safe and healthy and happy. From now on I will try to keep up with all my friends.Good Post indeed.


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