Monday, April 4, 2011

A to Z Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge –
I will have to admit this looks very challenging to me – I am not in the habit of blogging everyday…and I am starting behind (only 4 days, but still – oh WAIT, I am only 2 days behind, today is the 3rd day of the challenge, Sunday did not count!).
So for the next 22 days I will make an attempt to have a post a day (they left Sundays out of the challenge, so that will be my make up day!), that begins with a letter of the alphabet.  Too bad
“Another Baked Good” was on March 29 – I will not try to cheat and use it.
So, here we go with A:
A to Z Blogging challenge begins with A! I signed up, I am committed (may end up committed). I will start with why I started Blogging. I began as Vanilla Mama’s Boat and as much as I love boats, I figured I would have a hard time posting regularly about boats. I also decided that that was too one-dimensional and I wanted to explore some other things. It is all about being true to your dreams….I do have a few! As you may or may not have read (or know about me personally) I do keep rather busy. Example – 2 jobs, 3 kids, 1 dog, ever multiplying dust bunnies and a wonderful husband who puts up with my madness! I really wanted to create an outlet for myself where I could vent, challenge myself and write…mostly write, because in all honesty that is what I love to do! And in that theme of honesty I do not get to do it nearly enough and I am trying hard to make time for it without dropping any of the other balls I have up in the air.
We will now continue with B:
Boats…what about boats? Did I hear someone ask about boats? –crickets chirping – hmmm…Below you will see some of my favorite boat finds and if you are really interested and want some silly stories that might make you laugh – here is a link for “All the Boat Posts.”

Love the NAME of this boat! boat will come!

Sailing, Sailing.....

My Aunt's boat that I can borrow!


I like to visit the REPO'd boat yard....if I tried to buy one now, that's where it would end up!

Moving onto C:
Cookies: Top Secret and Fortune, WHY?
After watching Despicable Me for nearly 1000 times (really only a SLIGHT exaggeration!) my kiddos starting asking for Ms. Hattie’s Top Secret Cookies and being the Mom that always tries to please I Googled the recipes – and guess what, I could not find them!! Found out that my wonderful BluRay version of Despicable Me has a special bonus feature that has the cookie recipes! No real pictures, but none the less – the recipes were there!
My husband and I wrote them down, I typed them up and posted them figuring I couldn’t be the only parent – obsessed fan – that wanted to try to make the cookies. I still have not made them all, there is a least one that I KNOW is going to be hard to make and it is last on my list. Since the little man has not been asking to watch the movie as often…it may wait until he gets back on the jag for it.
Moving onto the Fortune Cookies, as I explained in one post – I have  saved a lot of fortunes, I take them from friends at restaurants, my kiddos bring them to me…you get the idea! Some of the ones I have in my little jar are downright silly, some are pretty serious and some just get me thinking and then I have so many thoughts that it takes me a little while to distill and make it cohesive in a small space. Who on earth would have thunk it! It has been fun and I need to hold myself accountable for a schedule – suggestions?
To recap – A, B, C! Yeah, I am up to date on the challenge…tomorrow is D. Hmmm….let me sleep on it!
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama


  1. I have also saved a lot of fortunes from cookies fron when we eat out. When I wait in the car to pickmy daughter up from work, I read them and have fun.

  2. Feel free to send me some of them:) I am enjoying getting to know you in the A to Z Challenge! I am very glad that you posted it!


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