Thursday, April 14, 2011

A to Z Challenge - L

A to Z Challenge – L
L is for Lover! Now, Now…don’t get all hot and bothered it is not that kind of Blog!
Yesterday I got my Hot and Sour soup fix taken care of at PeiWei (found a ROCK in my rice, but that’s another story!), and my friend who knows that I love Fortune Cookies grabbed a big ole hand full of them for me. Out of this new influx of Fortunes I grabbed on – “You are a LOVER of words, someday you should write a book.”
My wonderful hubby and I looked at each other, we have been trying to fit more time in for me to write – this blog is a writing exercise of sorts for me. I have so many things inside my head that I need to get out, writing these short little posts helps me to organize my thoughts.  It gets my mind moving again – it has been stagnant for way too long, dormant in a world of busies.
I actually have written a book, I had it published, I got some great reviews had a handful of book signings and then got busy with everyday life. It is really easy to push aside something that you love, that you are a LOVER of. I am a lover of words, how they fit together form a thread and story. When you are a lover of something, there is a certain amount of guilt associated with it.
I do feel guilty when I am sitting here in my padded seat at my kitchen table with paperwork strewn everywhere. I do feel guilty when there is laundry piled up on the bed that needs folding. I do feel guilty when there is a sink full of dirty dishes – I feel so guilty through all of this when I am sitting here being a lover, it is like an affair of the heart.
Choices, balance – I am not really good at them. For many years I made the choice to say that I will start writing again tomorrow…recently I realized that tomorrow never comes.  Did you know that? Think about that for just a second….Tomorrow never really comes, because no matter what it is always today. Today I am sitting here wishing that I could get my life together tomorrow, today I am sitting here wishing that I have time tomorrow to do yoga, today I am wishing that I sit down and make the outline for my next book tomorrow….but tomorrow NEVER comes. It is always today – I need to do these things TODAY. Otherwise the list grows, the piles grow, the depression grows.
L is for Lover – (Again THANK you
I am going to skip the first 3 definitions, they don’t apply!
4. a person who has a strong enjoyment or liking for something, as specified: a lover of music.
5. a person who loves, especially a person who has or shows a warm and general affectionate regard for others: a lover of mankind.
What are you a lover of? I am a lover of my family, a lover of my wonderful hubby, a lover of Pop, Tart and Frosting, a lover of words.
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama
BTW – THANK YOU so much Danni, I am honored that you selected me for the Stylish Blogger Award! Tomorrow (yes, I know what I just said – but REALLY!), I will get the badge up and pick my winners too!
BBTW - LUCKY NUMBERS - 10, 13, 18, 31, 35, 36


  1. Wait - there was a rock in your rice?!?!

    I am also one of those people who plans on doing everything "tomorrow" and struggle with turning all the tomorrows into today. But there is nothing better than accomplishing what you've been putting off forever!

    Also, I look forward to your 7 facts!

  2. Very nice post. PLease don't feel guilty for your love for writing. It is something you are doing not only for yourself but others as well.
    Yes I am a lover of music, a lover of Nature, a lover of the sky and the stars. This Earth is beautiful and if we look close enough we can fall in love with it's inhabitants as well.

  3. I love a little breeze, but today the wind about carried us away! I love ice cream and I spilled a little of mine on my shirt today too. I also love that you gave us the "winning" numbers... now if only I can figure out what to use them for. Here I come lotto!! :) Great post!


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