Thursday, April 28, 2011

A to Z Challenge - X

A to Z Challenge – X
X, boy that is a tough one…seriously, what starts with x? There are really quite a few, but unfortunately most are food additives! Since I try to steer away from those anyway (ummm…yeah, I don’t really read labels that careful, but I do watch for sodium, most of the time).
So, I decided to cheat a little and go for X-tra! (I know, I know…please don’t roll your eyes so hard that you give yourself a headache!)
X-tra…I have quite a bit x-tra in my life. (And, yes I will continue to spell it that way – just to justify it!) I watch x-tra tv I shouldn’t, I eat x-tra food I shouldn’t, and despite reading the lables too much x-tra sodium! I work x-tra hours, put x-tra effort into my jobs, spend x-tra money I don’t have, and incur x-tra fees!
There is really quite a bit in life that I could call x-tra. And, maybe that is why I never seem to have x-tra time for the things that really light my fire. This little blog has been a way to keep those embers burning – it is fun, it makes my brain click a little – it is x-tra, but it is an x-tra that I need!
On the other hand, I don’t need x-tra sodium, x-tra tv, x-tra food – short term gain, long term loss. Sodium kicks up my blood pressures and makes my ankles look like elephant stubs, tv literally rots my brain, food makes me just plain fat. All of which takes away time from what really matters…my family, my friends, my writing.
Why do I do them? Compulsion, obsession, laziness?! Not sure…maybe all three put together.
I want to give an x-tra shout out to some people that I have really been x-tra important to me…I won’t mention them by name, but if they read this they will hopefully know who they are – CB, you are sweet, funny and just all around nice. I enjoy working with you and hope that we continue to get to know each other. CABA, we haven’t spoken lately, but you are certainly in my heart and prayers – miss you, love you! NJT, I know this move has been hard on you, but I promise you, it is going to be okay! You have made the right move for you and DT! MM – funny as all get out, keep your chin up and dig your heels in, thanks for the cookies J!
How do the x-tras in your life eat up your time, energy and life?  What x-tras keep your fire going?
Thanks so much for spending  some of your x-tra time reading me….
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama


  1. Creative use of "X", good for you!! Me, I had to go with "X-mas" :( Found you from the A-Z Challenge, I’m now following you on GFC and I hope you have a chance to check out my blog!

  2. Hey why not, Xtra is a good X word. I did not know what to do either. Then on a trailer for Connan "O Brian's show I remembered David Duchovney and then came the X -Files days in my memory.
    I am not surprised at your creativity you know, your kids name and all. Also your blog name. I am partial to Vanilla essence from India. The cap is tough but once you open it. Man - - - the whole kitchen smells like scumptious baked goods place.


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