Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A to Z Challenge - D

A to Z Challenge – D
Big D, Little D…what begins with D?
Quick – can you answer this question? No, No, No – you are not allowed to google and certainly you are not allowed to search on YouTube! I will admit, yes…I am hanging my head in shame….I had to google this and google lead me to YouTube where I listened to a charming 3-year old read it with his mommy (I had to Google this because my wonderful husband is upstairs getting him to bed as I type – think if I went upstairs to grab the book, I might get in trouble!). I could remember most of it, I remembered the doughnuts and the duck-dog but truly that was about it. It was making me crazy!! Especially since I could hear it in my head the rhythm, the rhyme all of it and of course Aunt Annie’s alligator is forever ingrained in my brain.
My older boys grew up with these books – Dr. Seuss, we LOVED him! My youngest son is not into him so much, but after this I think I will be reintroducing him to them.  The amazing classics that come to mine, The Foot Book, The Tooth Book, ABC Book, The Lorax…and who on earth could forget HORTON and the GRINCH?!
There are so many things that I did with my older boys that I have missed with my youngest child- I read to them more, played with them more, went to the park more with them…of course I was a stay at home mom and I ran a home daycare…and now even though for most of my little man’s life I have been home, I haven’t been engaged. Why?! Because I have help to run a business from my home and that took up so much of my time and now that I still work that job part time and have a full time job outside of the home (because with the job market in my wonderful husband’s industry we have been facing layoffs every year for him and with this family we can’t go without benefits!) – I feel like my poor child is “D”eprived!
I am good at the guilt, I lay it on myself thick “D”aily! It is “D”epressing, “D”owntrodding, “D”evasting.”
But, I will say that I am “D”etermined, “D”edicated, and “D”evoted to my kiddos and to my family – and I will “D”o whatever it takes to make this work.
And with that – I am going to make it short tonight and get my “D”arling husband – because he is probably asleep upstairs with my little man.
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama
PS – Don’t Google it:
“Big D, Little D, what begins with D?
David Donald Doo dreamed a dozen doughnuts and a duck-dog too!”


  1. That is a mouthful! I use to love the Dr. His rhythms taught me speech and reading. Love it. Hi from another Texas girl!

  2. Love this post!! This takes me back to when my kids were babies. I used to read to them every night and DR.Suess is one of my favourites. I urge every one to read to their kids. It is so much fun. Once they get this bug, you will never be able to stop them from reading.


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