Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strange Fortune

“An hour with one friend is worth more than ten with strangers.”

Lately I have not had enough time with my friends. Spending a lot of time with strangers – nature of retail, but not enough with friends. We will message back and forth about getting together for a girl’s night, but it hasn’t happened recently.
These ladies, these amazing friends that I treasure – I miss them. We connected through our kids at various points in our lives and blessedly, even though our kiddos have grown (mostly) we have been able to maintain the connection. Even if we don’t talk or see each other on a regular basis, we click when we are together.

I am blessed to know these women and men. (Yes, I am one of those people who believe you can be friend with a man without ending up sleeping with him.) God puts these people in your life for a reason. We may never know why we connect with the cashier at Albertson’s or the Mom at your son’s first basketball practice – who ends up being like the sister you never had.
There are people that enter your life everyday – you might meet them through your kids, through work, standing in the line at the grocery store. Maybe they are one of the strangers that you end up spending ten hours with. What matters is that you are open to letting them in.

I write this with a heavy heart, I miss my friends. Desperately, truly miss my friends. There is one incredible woman I miss and think about constantly – she is in my prayers, my thoughts and my heart. If there was anything she asked for, I would be there.
I am actually going to make this a fairly short post, because I am going to look and my calendar and see when I can get a girl’s night planned.  I think we all need to reconnect – couple of margaritas, some sangria and maybe a box…umm..bottle of wine!

“An hour with one friend is worth more than ten with strangers.”
Here’s hoping that I get ten hours with my friends!

With friendly vibes –
Vanilla Mama

PS- your lucky numbers…11, 13, 19, 21, 25, 28. If you win – take your best friend out!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Intelligent Fortune

“You Will Attain the Highest Levels of Intelligence.”

Since I am considering going back to school and taking some classes to try to put myself in a better position for a lifelong career, that would be good news.

Looking back on my life truly I do not have many regrets…everything I have done, everything I have been through has made me who I am today. Today, I think I am an okay person.  I make mistakes, I’m not perfect – but I am pretty happy with who I am. There are certainly areas of my life that bear improving – but show me a person that is not a work in progress and I will show you a person that is likely six feet under.

The one true regret that I have, not finishing my college education. At the time it was the right decision for my health, and I kept telling myself I would go back. Then I got pregnant and the family years began. There just never seemed to be enough time with raising kiddos, then going through a divorce, being a single parent, getting remarried, having another baby, working two jobs…well. Somehow it just never has seemed the right time.

Here’s the bottom line – I ain’t getting younger. The clocks a ticking, I’m pushing 40. Yes, ladies and gentleman Vanilla Mama is going to hit 40 this year. I have the college freshman and the grey hair to prove it.

“You Will Attain the Highest Levels of Intelligence.”

My advice to my kids, to friends of my kids, to random teenagers I meet – Finish school, go to college, get a degree! The job market is so competitive out there, you need that piece of paper. I am a prime example, I have plenty of experience, but without that slip of parchment showing I stuck it out for four years and got my degree – I am looked over. Many careers/job opportunities do not even want you to apply without a degree.

I have learned the hard way, I am not good at online classes and self study. Tried that – once I set down at the computer to do the classes I get distracted by the millions of other tasks I have waiting or the phone rings. It’s kind of the same thing with exercising at home – we’ve all been there! How many of us have a treadmill that has become a catch all for hanging laundry (please chime in and tell me I am not alone!), a stationary bike that doesn’t move at all, or a yoga mat that serves as a rug? I need the structure of a classroom environment.

“You Will Attain the Highest Levels of Intelligence.”

It’s way past time for this Vanilla Mama to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up! My ultimate dream – I would love to write full time. My reality at this point…I work two jobs, have three kids and barely find time to post a blog (yes, I checked it has been exactly ONE MONTH since my last post!). My wonderful hubby asked, “you are stressed to the max already, doing two jobs, keeping us all on track, how on earth are you going to take classes and go back to school?” My answer was, “I know that at the end it will be worth it. I will be reaching a goal and helping our family!”

I do believe the sacrifice will be worth it – I need to strive to attain the highest levels of intelligence and further myself, my eventual career and set an example for my kiddos.

On a completely unrelated topic – I CUT my hair this week! I don’t mean a little – I am talking Jamie Lee Curtis short. I had her cut off EVERYTHING that was dyed, since I have decided as my New Year’s Resolution…of which I only have one…I am not going to color my hair. I was worried that I would end up looking like a man, but I have been told it is very feminine and flattering.  Not quite ready to share a picture, if you know me on Facebook, you can find me there.

So…anyway, I promise not to be a month between posts next time. I may even try to get on a regular schedule…who knows posting regularly may get my on a path to higher intelligence!

Live, Laugh, Love ~

Vanilla Mama

PS – There are no lucky numbers on Panda Express’ fortune cookies – the turkey butts! Thanks Camille for sharing your fortune with me. BTW – Miss you!