Saturday, April 9, 2011

A to Z Challenge - G

Totally NOT my gravy! But, makes me hungry-link to this below.
A to Z Challenge – G
G is for Gravy! I don’t think I have ever mentioned how much I love gravy! Brown gravy, biscuit gravy, turkey gravy and the king of gravies – Sausage Gravy! I don’t even need the toast, biscuit or mashed taters for it – sausage gravy you can eat with a FORK!
I remember my Grandpa Roy talking about gravy wasn’t gravy unless you could eat it with a fork, and I would have to say that man was right! Every so often I will get a craving for gravy and if I am going to breakfast I will order it – and most of the time I am woefully disappointed!! Lately, I have been making my own…YUMMY!!
I am not going to sugar coat this at all – it is pure fat, flour and my one concession to being healthy, skim milk. Oh yeah and SAUSAGE!! I have used turkey sausage and it works just fine – but good old fashioned Owens is the best. Do I do this often….NO! I haven’t worked hard to lose all this weight only to eat bowls of gravy and gain it back again (I would save that for Cherry Garcia bars!).
I am not really sure what it is about gravy that I love so much. Maybe it is remembering my Grandpa  and Grandma – fried food, gravy in the morning, homemade biscuits on weekend visits; ice cream at night watching TV while Grandpa let me comb his hair; catching bumblebees in mason jars to earn money to spend at the General Store. I think it is a memory thing for me…and lately I have really been missing my family.
Not just the family that lives away and I don’t get to see nearly often enough, but my Mom and Dad, my husband and kiddos. Maybe I am trying to recreate and create memories with them by making cookies, by molding toys, by making gravy on a Sunday morning…small things, little traditions.
Don’t ask me for my gravy recipe unless you want to have a coronary while you are reading it – haha – not only that, but I swear to you I never, never make it the same way twice. It all depends on what I have in the cabinet – one thing I will tell you straight up – DO NOT make gravy with WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR!!! UGH, EWW, NASTY!!! Probably one of the first times I EVER threw gravy in the trash, the dog would not even eat it.
Anyway, off to bed…my work week has not ended for either job. One has an event this weekend that I have to finish getting together tomorrow, thank GOD ALMIGHTY for the amazing, wonderful woman who I am so proud to call a sister who helps me with this! The other I will not have a day off until next Friday – But, I am going to ENJOY that Friday more than any other Friday ever, because I am looking forward to it so much!!
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama


  1. Mmmm...gravy...

    I think I gained weight just thinking about it! LOL!

  2. I love gravy, it makes just about anything better. I even like it with steak fries, and it's a must with mash potatoes.

  3. I love "KFC" gravy. My husband loves the chicken. I can live on it. I would like to get their receipe but no luck.

  4. Mom misses you, too. There just isn't enough days in the week.

  5. This A to Z challenge looks fun and, um, challenging. Gravy, eh?! Kinda makes me gag. How's that for a G?!

  6. I don't like all gravy, but I do love good sausage gravy and biscuits. Can't find it all that much where I am in Los Angeles, but when I go back to Tennessee I make many visits to Hardee's which has some of my favorite. At home I usually fix Pillsbury Grands biscuits and make the sausage flavored gravy that comes in the foil packets and then add some more sausage to it.

    Darn it! Now I'm hungry.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  7. Haha - I know, I think I will have to make it for dinner tonight! Thanks for checking out my blog and for doing the A to Z Challenge, this has been wonderful!


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