Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Blurb #8 - Reflection

The Reflection -
Kayla knew that something was wrong when she found Miles’ aviator sunglasses laying by the pool, but she had no idea that another world existed in the reflection.
Picking up the discarded glasses and looking at her own reflection, the world tilted and Miles was there to catch her.
Kayla and Miles must race against the clock to discover the source of power that turned a simple mirror image in a pair of sunglasses into a nightmare to escape. In a topsy-turvey world where nothing is what it seems, they must not lose track of sunglasses that brought them there.
As the only normal people in an opposite world, how can they make their way back through the looking glass? Or will they chose to stay and embrace the wildness that ensues?
What is Book Blurb Friday? Why am I playing catch up? Have fun, click through and find out, and join in ~

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Vanilla Mama


  1. Interesting meme! Those mirror sunglasses are more dangerous than people think!

  2. Nice! I love the blurb you created to go with the photo. (My daughter took that photo and it is one of my faves.) That would be a great book or short story. . .

  3. How cool! you should develop this idea into a novel. I'd totally read it!


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