Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gift of Fortune

Birthday Fortune –
This last week brought a milestone for me – a BIRTHDAY! I have not hit the big 4-0 yet, but it is not far around the corner…but, as I have told my whole family, I will not celebrate any more birthdays. I will celebrate anniversaries of my birthday! Next year will be the 1st anniversary of my 39th year of birth – hahaha!
In all seriousness I do not have a huge hang up about my age. I have always felt older than I am, maybe that is because I had kiddos younger than most people my age. Maybe, it is because I have had health issues. Maybe I just am one of those people that feel OLD.
That being said, I am not stodgy or prudish…I just feel old.
My wonderful hubby went all out and put together a gift for me, yes – I asked specifically for this gift – but, he made it happen. Ordered pieces from 3 different companies, shopped at a couple of different stores, found something SUPER cool that was delicious.
What did I ask for, a necklace and on this necklace I asked for, a disk that says Live, Laugh, Love, a key and a fortune cookie charm. I really did not think it was going to be as hard as what it turned out to be! Three different internet companies had a piece each, a separate store for the chain. A couple of false starts with 2 other internet companies…I have 3 really cool keys that I can wear separately and a TINY fortune cookie charm that is so incredibly delicate that I have not decided what to do with it yet.
But – CHECK this out!!
The fortune cookie even has a little fortune in it – it says “Like You” too cute!!
The other really cool thing he found for me and TOTALLY surprised me with was a GIANT – and I DO mean GIANT Fortune Cookie from Sumo Cookie. Yes, it is in a PIE PLATE and 8 INCH PIE PLATE! All I can say to it is YUMMY!!! It did not last the evening, we ate it and ate it and ate it.
Yes, it is covered in CHOCOLATE and BUTTERFINGER!!
Wonderful hubby got to make up a fortune to put in the cookie –
“Ancient Chinese Secret: The key to the Fountain of Youth is to Live, Laugh, Love.”
I always say Ancient Chinese Secret (from a commercial back years ago…bonus points for anyone else besides me that remembers it!), the key (like I asked for in my necklace) is a symbol of all the sayings for key (key to happiness, key to success, etc…), Fountain of Youth – well, that one is obvious (also refers to Pirates of the Caribbean latest movie), and of COURSE my personal mantra. There was also I bottle of Sea Glass wine, chocolate thins (YUM), sea glass beads and larger sea glass pieces and a BAG of Fortune Cookies.
Went to Mom and Dad's for dinner the night before, I got to sleep until 11:30am the next day, did not have to cook, went to dinner at Rainforest Café, had a lot of Fillings over with Pop and Tart (Frosting is too little for Fillings to stay the night)…in fact 4 of my favorite fillings!  
Anyway…I also have a TON of new fortunes to write about as well and some of them are silly as all get out! Can’t wait.
Long post, can you tell it’s been a good week!
Live, Laugh, Love~
Vanilla Mama
PS – No lucky numbers…but, you should take your birthday and your loved ones birthdays and come up with your own.


  1. Happy, happy birthday! What a wonderful celebration. I do remember the "chinese secret" but I'm about to hit the big 5-0 next month. I look forward to what every new year will bring, so bring it on. May the blessing continue to rain down on you.

  2. what an awesome hubs you have! and that huge fortune cookie? oh. my. God. seriously? seriously? I think I drooled looking at the picture

  3. Happy Birthday ! May all your dreams come true. May you and your loved ones be there for each other.
    I like your logo, Live Laugh Love. You must really believe in that because you are getting the love and you get to laugh and these things make living easy and worth while.
    The fortune cookie cake is yummy looking. Is it OK if I copy it and make one for my hubby?

  4. Munir - he didn't make it. He ordered it from a local business call Sumo Cookie, they do ship!!
    http://www.sumocookies.com/ - They are YUMMY!
    Sally, thanks so much!
    Holly, thanks for stopping by, enjoying some Flip Flop wine tonight!

  5. this post made me ALL kinds of happy!!!! what a gorgeous necklace.

    <3 and a happy birthday to you.

  6. Happy belated birthday! You have a very thoughtful hubby. That cookie looks amazing, and your necklace rocks. I don't worry much about age either. I'll be 51 this year and mostly joke about it (I figure I can call myself an old bagger if I want to--ha!). So glad you had a wonderful day.


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