Friday, July 8, 2011

The Lost - Book Blurb #7

Book Blurb #7 –
(Speaking of Finish Lines – I think this one is going to keep moving!)
The Lost
The statue was missing from his mother’s yard. A silly stone statue that she had purchased at a local craft fair…gone.
Then pictures of it began arriving in the mail, one a week, every Friday.
A 250 pound solid stone statue. Pictures every Friday…then one Friday it was back in the yard, wearing a baseball cap with a note attached.
“Where have I been? Find out and collect your prize.”
Stephen and his mother, Jean, are totally puzzled. Pulling out the photos they realized there were subtle clues left for them to follow.
“Mom, I’m on this.” Stephen has no idea the crazy quest he has undertaken, fueled by his desire to claim an unknown prize for a mother he has put through hell, he is blind to the challenges ahead. With nothing but a series of photos and two years of sobriety under his belt, he is off.
Wanna read more? Me too – I am saving all these blurbs, some will make really cool short stories, others will blossom a little more.
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  1. Nice! You've got an interesting premise here with a mystery to solve and a main character who is struggling to succeed on a couple of different levels. (And he obviously loves his mom, and what mama won't be drawn to that?) I agree, this would make a great story and think you should pursue it. When I dreamed up this fun little meme one of my goals was to have a folder full of story starters. It really works!

  2. This is one you should pursue; it's full of promising possibilities.


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