Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finishing Fortune

“Never give up until you reach the finish line.”
I am trying, boy I am trying, but it really seems as if the finish line keeps moving? Or maybe it’s not that but that I have so many different finish lines.
Every day is a series of deadlines of some sort. There is a flight to book, a contract to write, a web page to update…that’s for one job. There are shipments to receive, guests to help, sales to make…that’s another job. There are kids to get to school (work), dinners to make, scholarships to apply for, insurance claims to file and follow up on, and time to spend with them all before everyone grows up…that’s a whole other ball of wax that I call my life.
At this point the only finish line I seem to be focusing on is the one that hits at the end of each day. You know the one…BEDTIME!! Glass of red wine, pajamas, kiddos to bed (hopefully), computer shut down, TV turned off and audio book in my ears to fall asleep to.
“Never give up until you reach the finish line.” Since for tonight my finish line is bedtime, I will never give up until that time hits. One more load of clothes in the dryer, a load of dishes to put away, one last webpage to tweek, one final email to send off…I won’t give up until I reach the finish line! (I just need to stop moving that one back!!)
Live, Laugh, Love~
Vanilla Mama
PS – Wouldn’t you love to reach your finish line with the winning lottery numbers, I might push bedtime back and make the drive to Austin for that!!
41, 25, 27, 52, 11, 24


  1. Deadlines are challenges that keep us active;-)

  2. I try not to make deadlines for myself. That just adds to the stress of life.

  3. I seem to work best under a deadline but my favorite time is Saturdays with a cup of fresh coffee, on my patio in the cool of the morning watching the world come awake. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your life sounds like mine. It's exhausting, isn't it? LOL The one thing about finish lines/deadlines, though, is that with them in mind I do complete my tasks. When I fly by the seat of my pants nothing gets done. Bedtime is my favorite finish line, too. :)


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