Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Blurb #3 - Last Call

(#2 for me if you are counting!)

Last Call
Last Call 

“Last call!” That’s the last thing I remember hearing. 

My world was already spinning and I did not need that last drink, but the lure of ‘Last Call’ was too great. It’s like a sale, it’s like the only chance…it’s the LAST CALL. For some people its shoes or the latest designer fashions on a sale rack at TJ Maxx, coupons at the grocery store, ‘Last Call’ does that to me every time!

As I finished that final shot, a double…it happened. Or did it? That man in the white shirt, did I really see it, the gun or was it knife? Where did the body go?

I saw it.

I think.

Can I trust what I saw, that last moment of lucidity? In a bar full of smoke and mirrors, with a mind hazed with alcohol, did that really happen? How did I get home?

Told you I was playing catch up - headed to bed...will have a new fortune and blurb tomorrow, maybe I can combine the two! 

What is Book Blurb (Friday), check out my previous post and find out!

Live, Laugh, Love~
Vanilla Mama


  1. The morning after the night before can sometimes pose huge questions. I'd like to know more . . .

  2. You've taken on quite a task to play catch up, but I'm glad you did. I enjoyed your blurb. You've hit on something that a lot of folks can related to and turned it into a huge "what if" scenario. Gret job!

  3. I like the 'last call' angle and the bar with smoke ad mirrors ... but be warned this is a very addictive Challenge set us here. Good luck

  4. I did not read for a week. I will go back and check your previous posts right now.

  5. I really enjoyed this - the morning after the night before raising questions about what really happened. I particularly liked this line, 'In a bar full of smoke and mirrors, with a mind hazed with alcohol, did that really happen?'

    Can't wait to read more!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Okay, so this is a book YOU are writing? Or someone else?!

  7. It is a book I will write someday! Thanks for stopping by!


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