Sunday, June 26, 2011

Book Blurb #5 - Blood Flower

Book Blurb #5 (#4 for me!)

The Blood Flower

For every victim there is a flower tied to a tree in the yard…
For Blood.
And once the Blood Flower has been tied to the tree – there is only 72 hours.
When Detective Margarita Olivera discovers the red bouquet tied to the oak tree in her yard, she knows her investigation has turned personal. She is too close.
After six years of digging into these crimes, now she has become a target herself.  
With her life on the line, only 72 hours left, and a mystery that has been brewing for 6 years…how will Detective Margarita find the killer with a rookie partner?
Margarita will have to put aside her emotions and think like the cold calculating maniac who is stalking her…can she and Harry Turner, her partner, solve the puzzles left for her in time? Or will the Blood Flower Killer leave his mark on her grave.
What is the Book Blurb Challenge - (From the Source!)
Here are the details of Book Blurb Friday. I hope you'll join the challenge!

A "blurb" is the story summary on the back of a book (usually 150 words or less) written to entice you to read the book. Think of your visits to a bookstore or library. A book's front cover may catch your eye, but if the blurb doesn't interest you the book goes back on the shelf; if it resonates with you, you bring the book home.

The goal of this meme is to: 
Write a book jacket blurb (150 words or less) so enticing that potential readers would feel compelled to buy the book. 

Every Thursday evening I'll post a photo that we'll pretend is the cover of a book, along with my 150 words-or-less blurb to match. You are invited to post the photo on your site along with your own 150 words-or-less blurb, and I encourage you to leave your link in the Mr. Linky widget that will be available on this blog.  A link from your site back to this one would also be nice as it will encourage your readers to visit the other Book Blurb participants via Mr. Linky.

Your book blurb is entirely your own creation. Based on the photo, you create the plot and characters, genre, fiction or non-fiction, etc. Think of all the story ideas you will craft! Also, it will be fun linking to other sites to read the various twisty plots and inspired characterizations generated by other participants.

I hope you'll opt to participate in Book Blurb Friday! If you have any questions, please shoot me an email:

Live, Laugh, Love ~Vanilla Mama

BTW-You will have to at the end of all this figure out which one is the REAL Book Blurb! Which one of the many I am posting is going to be the real will have to stay tuned!

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  1. This book blurb is extremely enticing. I would buy it if it were available.


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