Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dreaming of Fortune

“Keep true to the dreams of your youth.”
Yes - right there in the middle of
my forehead.
Well, if I were to totally keep true to the dreams of my youth, I would be a movie star, a world famous writer, a model, and I would have my kissing spot birthmark tattooed on my forehead. As I got a little older my dreams changed, I would still like to be an actress – probably in Community Theater or voice overs, I still want to be a writer, have NO desire to be a model whatsoever and THANK Goodness I grew out of wanting my birthmark tattooed on my forehead.
One dream that I developed as I grew older that became the most important dream – being a Mom, a good Mom. Being a wife, a good wife. Nurturing, supporting, unconditional loving.
Does this dream mean that all the others are pushed to the side, for a while I thought it did. I thought that following the dream of being a good Mom or wife meant that I had to give up the other things that I wanted to do.
I stopped growing. I put everything into the biggest part of what I was trying to cultivate, wonderful children, that I let other parts of me wither away. Now that my older boys are older, I am working outside the home, my little Frosting is growing up – I have realized some parts of me that I need to nurture again. I am trying to “Keep true to the dreams of my youth.”
And while there are some of my childhood dreams, that no matter why I wanted to do it – my kissing spot birthmark tattooed on my forehead – I am glad that I stepped back and gave it more thought.
On a totally separate thought, we had our foundation repaired today and part of the process involved cutting holes in my front porch and jacking up my house 2 full inches (was not supposed to included cutting my Fios service and having to call out Verizon to fix it!). They then filled in the holes with fresh concrete – CHILDHOOD DREAM ON MY FRONT PORCH!!!! Seriously, you cannot sit there and tell me when you see FRESH CONCRETE you haven’t wanted to put a mark in it?!
Well – I DID! It is MY CONCRETE! I can mark it –
Wet cement, metal wall art!
This was SO much fun!
Did I mention, I did this in TWO places!
It's so gooey!
So – “Keep true to the dreams of your youth.” My kiddos will have to wait for their own cement to mark - I was a mean mommy!

Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama
Least we not forget one of my BIGGEST dreams in my youth, winning the LOTTERY!!!
Here are your lucky numbers (and remember, if you win – please remember your Vanilla Mama!)!
9, 18, 22, 29, 36, 38


  1. If I followed my childhood dreams, I would be getting ready for my cross country pop tour right now after wrapping my TV show for the season. The hardest part of leaving would be closing down my vet clinic for the summer...

    I've never had a chance to leave my mark in cement... Though once I accidentally rode my bike into a chain link fence in order to avoid getting hit by a car that decided to ignore a stop sign. I dented it permanently... Does that count?

    By the way, you need to associate and email address with your account! I keep going to respond to your comments, but theres no email attached so they just disappear into internet oblivian!!

  2. awwww....another sweet post!

    ...i did get a chance to leave my mark on fresh cement when i was young, together with my siblings. we had so much fun! unfortunately, it had to be cemented over (again) since my parents decided to have another house constructed near the fun times!

  3. Today's post is especially beautiful. I love the wet (now dry ) cement you put your inscriptions on. You are already living your desire of being a writer. Hang on to your writing and once your little ones grow up you would have hoaned a great talent and capabilty. I waited and now I am forgetting my spellings and use a dictionary almost every day.

  4. I love that you left your mark in cement...with a powerful, sweet message none the less!

    xx Cat brideblu

  5. Wet cement just cries out to have things written in it! Our conservatory base has our family's names on it - never to be seen again, probably.

  6. If I followed my dreams when I was little, I would be running for President next year (even though I'm still a bit too young.) I love your cement mark, though. I've never seen anyone personalize it like that before. Where did you get the imprints for it?



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