Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simplest Fortune Cookie

My Life as a Fortune Cookie –
Before you start questioning, no I did not go out and buy a box of fortune cookies to do this with. I honestly have all these on my fridge from various trips to different places. I like sushi, love Chinese, order Pei-Wei….and before you even start, I know the sodium is not good for my blood pressure. I try to keep it to a minimum and also forgo the extra soy sauce. So, this collection of fortunes has been collected over time and we as a family like to open them and read them out at dinner and we hold on to the silly ones and the ones that mean something to us.
The one I pulled off today is, “The simplest answer is to act.”
I saved this one because when I got it I was facing a major life decision and after a long day decided dinner was going to be take out. (Perhaps menu planning is in order?) I am not sure whose fortune this actually was, but I kept it. Did I immediately take action? I would love to say that it was my turning point and I just made the changes I needed to, but that’s not what happened. Does my lack of action negate this fortune? Not at all – because it is true, sometimes.
Yes, the simplest answer is to act….there is no thought behind it. It is very easy to “act” on an impulse to do something rashly, to “act” in anger. It is simple.
Yes, the simplest answer is to act….there is no thought behind it. It is very easy to “act” with kindness, to do something with a kind heart, to “act” in love and thoughtfulness. It is simple.
Life changes do require action, always with some thought. Perhaps the simple part of a life change is the “act” to think and plan it out. Which is what I have been working on and through.
What will your simplest answer be today? Will you take the simple act to be kind to someone else, smile, give an extra hug? Make the simple act to play with your child, talk to your teen, show your spouse that you love him. Don’t act rashly with the big stuff, don’t act out in traffic or come unglued on some poor retail person (hint, hint!), don’t act on the feelings of anger that may surface – the simplest answer here is to act with kindness.
Lucky Numbers for the day: 42, 17, 11, 5, 32, 24 (Maybe you should ACT on those?!)
Live, Laugh, Love ~
Vanilla Mama

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