Wednesday, January 19, 2011


While having a casual conversation today I was offered an incredible Carametls from Werthers (totally awesome, CVS watch out I will be shortly be buying out your inventory!) and somehow the subject moved from Caramelts to different flavored candies...caramels, peppermints and twizzlers....cherry flavored and strawberry. Not really sure how it got to this point, but one of the ladies mentioned that she can't eat cherry or vanilla flavors. We looked at her and asked, "Why?" almost in the same breath.

Without missing a beat she replies, "They are stripper names...Cherry "anything," and Vanilla."

WHAT?! Excuse me - I have been on this planet 38 years now...20 of which I could have been following the stripper market, but in all honesty not really high on my list...and never once has anyone brought up that Vanilla Mama could be a stripper name!!


So, I mentioned that my nickname is Vanilla Mama - and they almost died laughing (one of them anyway - the other had a totally shocked face). I mentioned that I have a blog called "Vanilla Mama's Stuff," and really I have never heard anything about Vanilla being a stripper name and that just yesterday I put in the whole reason why I am Vanilla Mama - and today, I am a stripper, NOT!?! HAHA!!

People would in all honesty PAY ME to KEEP MY CLOTHES ON!!

So - fill me in, am I totally naive? Have I no clue about the world outside my bubble?

In the long run - Vanilla Mama I am, Vanilla Mama I will always be :)

Live, Laugh, Love ~ The Vanilla Mama

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