Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supreme Grossness –

I have been quite sick for almost 2 weeks, started off with a simple little virus morphed into monstrous ear infection with drainage so unreal that I couldn’t even eat! My blood pressure was through the roof (surprise, surprise!) and I couldn’t hear out of my right ear. Yet – I still got up, went to work and then also worked my other job too. Umm…small wonder that two weeks later, two steroid shots, one bottle of liquid antibiotic down, I am still not able to hear properly out of my right ear. I have not even tried to take my blood pressure….Oh well, maybe at some point I will feel human again. In the midst of all this (whining, I know whining!), I was out working in my office as I finished up I went to my backdoor, which was open. Thought that was kinda weird, but I figured I must have not closed the door all the way and the dog had his way getting back in the house. So, I walk in the door and stop in my tracks….there is something WEIRD looking and I mean WEIRD looking in my kitchen floor. The dog is dancing around like a crazy animal around this weird fluffy thing in my floor. I bent over to check it out and realized it was the HEAD OF A CHICKEN!!! Seriously, the head of a chicken. So, I scream to my friend…”there is a dead chicken head in my kitchen!!!” She comes into the house and we are both grossed out!
Perhaps a little background – I live in a suburban area, but there is a grandfather clause for farm animals. My neighbors have two horses, one donkey, a handful of fainting goats, fostered dogs, barn cats and CHICKENS! Yes, chickens – hmm…barn cats, chickens….
I called my neighbor and asked her, “Are you missing a chicken?”
“Oh my God, you found WIGGY!”
Just at that moment, my neighbor’s husband was out back looking for “Wiggy,” she told me to give the head to him, which I had wrapped up in a plastic bag trying to figure out what to do with.
I handed him my morbid little package and explained where I had found it and some feathers in my yard, we talked about the barn cats and my fat dog’s inability to get to the chickens to make a meal of them…you would have to see the dog to totally understand, but there ain’t a prayer of this critter catching a chicken.
Just a day in the life of….I know at some point I will probably have to help corral the miniature donkey (which has happened to another neighbor) or I will be catching rogue fostering dogs (which I have done!). But, for now at least I know that the local voodoo gang hasn’t broken into my house and left me a dead chicken head.

BTW - What did the "dead chicken head" look like?
Just with out the body and the feathers were considerable more matted....You needed that description right?

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