Monday, December 20, 2010

Busted Ear Drum

Last Saturday while I was working, I knew I was sick - would have truly preferred to not go into work, but being a good employee - I was there. I brought my tissue and my hand sanitizer....thoughtful and a good employee - too bad there is not a raise coming!! My ear hurt, my throat hurt, I was congested! poor nose was like a faucet, if it wasn't dripping down my face, it was running down my throat, so I blew my nose to clear it up.... this point...yes, YUCK! TMI...Gross, I get it. I would be saying the same thing! But, when I blew my nose I literally collapsed. I was on my knees in agony! I popped up as quick as I could, but not before a co-worker could see that I had experienced a "moment." This poor man checked on me almost every 15-20 minutes after that - I told him I was fine that I think I had blown out my ear drum.

Well, in short, that was confirmed today. I blew out my right ear drum - there is a lovely little hole and behind it there is a ton of fluid. It is not draining from the lovely little hole, but is draining down the tubes in my neck making my neck stiff and sore and my ear totally plugged. I can barely hear out of that ear and there is a constant ringing....sigh! Long story short - the Dr. put me on a low dose steroid pack to help the swelling and aide the ear in finally draining, which he told me, can be a painful process.

Hmmmm...I work customer service, I am on steroids, it is a stressful environment....Somehow, I don't see this as being a great thing! I may without blinking an eye tell the next ding dong who calls me an idiot just exactly where he can stick it. Probably in a very colorful way that will get me fired....right now that actually sounds like fun. Now I am worried - perhaps I should call him and see if he can give me a prescription for a mood altering drug to get me through this next week?!

My stress relief during all this - I did yoga this morning, and then I started looking at some of my old pictures that I need to go through....
While, this is a boat I will never own it is one of my favorites to be sure. The Disney Wonder!! Ahh....what a boat, what a cruise!!

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