Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fortune - TODAY? What about Tomorrow?

“Nevermind tomorrow, TODAY is the day.”
This fortune cookie is a little short sighted….not really even just a little. I mean, I totally get it, we have to live for the moment, live for today – but honestly that is why our lives get so screwed up. We don’t think ahead about what is going to happen tomorrow.
“Wow, this feels really great.” “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that baaahhahd.”
Song lyrics are everywhere – insert your favorite – the message is in movies, TV, books…the consequences that you face for any actions you take can simply be overlooked because today it feels good, it feels right. That extra bite of cake, the extra glass of wine, the skipped day of work, the hours spent watching mindless TV instead of interacting with what our life really is. Feels good right now – feels good today.
But, what about tomorrow? The cake bite of cake – little more fat on the hips. The extra glass of wine – damage to your liver and mind function. The skipped day of work – a Passover of a promotion, hours of watching mindless TV instead of interaction – total disconnect from reality.
Okay…really does this happen overnight? No, no – it doesn’t over time, yes. These are long term examples – but what about the choices that are made in that instant that changes lives?
I know young men at my son’s school who are choosing to live for TODAY – fake ID’s, alcohol, parties and drugs. What does that tomorrow bring? There is still time to turn around and look at those choices and change the path. But, what if, just what if – that choice is taken away by a choice made for today? A quick drink before heading home, going to a party, a hit before class – a police man watching?
My middle son told me that one of his freshman, yes freshman friends got his girlfriend pregnant….yes, she is a freshman too. They are both 14. I hope it was worth it. My heart breaks for them. What is the tomorrow here?
Kinda of a serious post – but, while I am all for living in TODAY and in the moment, I try hard not to lose sight of what tomorrow brings.
Live, Laugh, Love ~ Vanilla Mama
Oh - yeah....Lucky numbers: 55, 5, 45, 28, 13, 4

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