Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deadliest in Texas

The lake that I live near happens to have a well earned reputation of being one of the deadliest lakes in Texas. Red Necks, beer and overcrowding are generally not a good mixture when out on the water. When I get my boat, maybe I will dig a pond in my back yard and enjoy it peacefully! My best friend was telling me about an adventure that she ended up in on our said Texas lake…Two men were out boating on what would have certainly been called a “Wind-Advisory” day, and as the sun was starting to go down the wind got even stronger. She and her fiancé had only moments before been sitting on the bank when this boat rammed into the shore.  It was a new boat and one of the guys had never been on a boat before. Okay…let me pause here in my short narrative…You have, a brand new boat and a buddy who has never been out on a boat and your bright idea on a day when you should honestly be out flying a kite (which is, point of fact what I was doing with my 3 and 13 year old!), and you decide to go out on one of the deadliest lakes for a boat ride. Seriously, come on…need I say more?! Ok, no…
So – there are white caps on the water now and my girl friend observes that they are having a lot of trouble and tells her fiancé, “They need help!” and she rushes down to help. At which point, her fiancé is thinking she is insane, but he follows cause he’s a good guy, too. They have ONE rope, no buoys and two knuckleheads with no life jackets. My friend thought they were going to have to call in a water rescue, they were having that much trouble controlling the boat in the waves. So the boat “owner” tells his boat novice buddy to go and get the car with the trailer attached. I REALLY wish I could have seen the look on his face – uhh…WHAT?! So, he tells my friends that he doesn’t know how to do that…really, you can’t back a car up to the lake? Do you know how to put the car in reverse?! He gives the keys to my friend’s fiancé…at which point the boat “owner” realizes he better get a little more involved. Long story short (too late right?), it worked out and my friends are boating heroes!
Slight commentary – I know I have already done quite a bit already, but this is my space and I can write what I like – my 13 year old had the opportunity to earn a boating license for his “Outdoor Education” class, how cool is that?! But, the question comes to mind…if my 13 year old (12 at the time) can get a boating license in the state of Texas…Now, this being said – my son KNOWS his stuff! He was asking me questions about boating right of way, etc...  Obviously, he took it FAR more seriously than these two knuckle heads.
I'll put a picture up at some point - but it is just not working tonight!

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