Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fortune of Good News

“Good news will be brought to you by mail.”
Please! Please! I could use a little good news…no more bills, just good news. And, NO I don’t count the Publishers Clearinghouse!
When I think about it, and it doesn’t take much thought, I don’t get much mail. I get plenty of bills, sales notices, coupons, but not letters. What is even sadder is I don’t send mail. I don’t even get Christmas cards out most of the time, let alone birthday cards, Thank You notes, just everyday thinking of you cards. Ask anyone who has known me for years…I am great at emailing, I respond on facebook, I text like a mad woman possessed. But, a simple letter, well frankly, I suck!
Yes, there is my confession. Ask my pen pal in Germany from the 9th grade, oh…wait, you can’t, I wrote ONE letter! Ask a lovely, lovely lifelong friend in New York, ask my family. They will all tell you I suck!
It is a strong way to put it, but I am a realist if nothing else (except when I am wearing my rose colored glasses) and I know it, I own it. I wish I could say, I will work hard to change it, but I know it would probably be a lie. I wouldn’t mean it to be. In my heart I see a neat clean organized desk with lovely Marthaesque stationary where I would sit with a LeBlanc pen and write heartfelt notes to my loved ones. As I gaze upon my desk…umm, kitchen table…I have a nice basket with stationary and envelopes, I also have a pile of paperwork and bills to plow through. Where will that stationary end up?
Why do I even have it out? Because I sent my son in college a care package. Yes, me the queen of not sending mail, I sent a care package. It had coffee, boxers (sorry Pop!), school supplies, an awesome Papo Mutant Gorilla and a letter on my stationary telling him how proud of him I am. I cannot tell you how excited I was for him to get his package, I know he loved it, he was on the phone when he opened it. I will see him this next weekend, so I probably won’t send him a care package this week – but I look forward to surprising him.
“Good news will be brought to you by mail.”
In this day and age of the fast and faster gratification, tweeting and posting, I don’t hold out much hope of good news in the mail. What is truly sad - most of the good news I get in my email inbox is just a chance to order Viagra at 20% off with free shipping or I have won the Lottery in Sweden based on my email address. I know you have the same emails, sitting in your junk box…
THAT’s WHAT I NEED!! A Junk Box for my MAIL box!! If only the mail man could filter it as he puts it in my box – Bed, Bath and Beyond mail – Ok! To Current Resident – JUNK! I could even set it up for him, a separate slot and everything. But, since it is probably the Junk Mail we receive that actually keeps our tried and true Mail Men/Women in service, I shouldn’t complain too much. I just need to send more MAIL!
Maybe if I would send more mail, I wouldn’t rely on my Ebay or Amazon purchases to make my mail nirvana happen….
Live, Laugh, Love~
Vanilla Mama
PS…Your lucky numbers: 11, 13, 15, 26, 35, 40 – Oh 40, I am going to face you down next year! I am finally starting to feel the age I am in my heart.


  1. How funny. I too am communication challenged some of the time.

  2. The personal note in the mail is a strong point for me. I was the Outreach Coordinator for our Young Married Sunday school class for 5 years. I would send out postcards each week to those we missed on Sunday. Postcards are a nice way to start. They are quick to write and you can purchase them with postage attached. A note through the mail is, indeed, a special way to reach out and touch someone.

  3. Awe - - - I remember those days when my kids were in college and I used to spend fifteen dollars in stamps to send a care package that had goodies worth fifteen dollars. I then realized that all I had to do was to send those packages earlier and they would cost me just about four dollars and ninty cents.
    Moms do not get care packages, but wait untill your kids make some money. You are sure to get beautiful flowers for mothers day. Until then how about a hug from a blogger friend?


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